Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Is there such a thing as a free roof ?!?

Once upon a time in a not so far away land 
a storm rolled in like an angry metal band. 
Lightning struck, thunder pounded, rain poured from the sky 
Hail beat the rooftops of the quiet little homes nearby 
As the storm began to pass 
a quiet calm fell upon the grass 
My roof began to drip & drop to the beat of my clock
When suddenly an unexpected "knock, knock, knock" 
All Things New with a hammer in his belt
evaluated all of the damage my home had been dealt. 
"Your home has been abused by the storm that has passed, 
Let us help you fix your home free & fast" 
FREE you say?
How about now! How about today!
Everything was completed right on track
Thank you All Things New for helping me get my home back!


   Before the huge storm in June 2012 home owners were amazed when roofing contractors approached them and were able to offer them a "FREE" roof. They were able to do this by offering incentives and waiving or rebating the insurance deductible.

   However on June 6, 2012 the Colorado legislature reached a turning point passing new residential roofing laws (C.R.S. 6-22-101 thru 6-22-105).  Along with requiring the contractor to provide a written contract to the property owner (which we have always done) and allowing the home owner to rescind the contract within 72 hours of receiving it (which we do), roofing contractors are no longer allowed to advertise or promise to pay the property owners deductible. This is now INSURANCE FRAUD & ILLEGAL!

   We have made a promise to abide by the letter of the law in order to fully protect you, the home-owner, and keep our integrity. You may still run into companies willing to offer you an incentive or no cost for a new roof, but this is illegal and all licensed roofing contractors in the Colorado area have been informed of this change. If they are willing to knowingly violate these laws put in place to protect you what else may they be willing to ignore for your safety.

 “Trust starts with truth and ends with truth.” 
---Santash Kalwar

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